This is a two-player competition with no winner or loser. Each player chooses a black or white controller. Each controller has various patterns to choose from in the form of buttons. The black controller has only inorganic (or man-made) patterns, the white controller has only organic (from nature) patterns on the buttons. The screen itself acts as a landscape, when the player on the black controller presses a pattern, a building that contains that pattern appears on the screen, when a player on the white controller presses a pattern, an object of nature appears on the screen. The location of each object is determined by where the bouncing ball of its corresponding color is within the grid on the ground which is the same size. Together the two players build up the landscape until one desires to clear the landscape. The clear button on the white controller makes the screen flood, the clear button on the black controller bombs the landscape both corresponding with a natural disaster vs a man made disaster. In both cases the landscape is cleared to reveal a new blank one. This is a non competitive game, the results of which are determined by choice (on part of the player), chaos (in the non determined direction of the balls on the ground), cooperation, and further reflects on the relationship of man to nature as well design found in nature.