Communication Gaps is a new interactive light and sound installation premiering at Light City 2017, March 31st to April 8th between Piers 4 and 5 in the Baltimore Harbor. Using technology, movement and sound, strangers will have the opportunity to create a visual conversation, communicating via light and reflection.




Through new technology, sound, and dance, viewers will see beautiful lightscapes reflecting and refracting over the harbor’s dark waters. And through this unique call and response method, participants will experience a social exercise about listening in new ways.

Proceeds from this project will be donated to a local Baltimore charity.



In order for this effort to be successful, we need volunteers to play various roles that will allow participants to immerse themselves in the experience. If you enjoy being a part of large scale collaborative efforts, engaging with people, interested in new interactive media, or just want to be of service, this is for you!

Please click the link below to sign up as a volunteer. This project is about promoting charitable efforts and your time is much appreciated. All volunteers will be invited to a special gathering at the conclusion of Light City with free food and drinks!